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Truck Hire

Get Truck Hires that suit your needs. Fast and straightforward- no delays and no high costs. Contact St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals for quality standard and automatic transmission trucks that are in great running condition, as well as visually appealing.

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2 hours $49.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
3 hours $71.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
4 Hours $71.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 75km) N/A N/A
Day $132.75 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $177.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $199.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km)
*Minimum All Day Hire
Removal Boxes
We have a range of packaging and Storage Boxes See Products
National Storage Boxes
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  • Seating Capacity:3
  • Engine:Diesel
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Capacity:18m3 (All with hydraulic lifters)
  • Licence Required:Car or greater
  • Able to Carry: Contents of an average 2 bedroom unit.
  • Internal Measurements: 4.5L x 2.0w x 2.0h
  • Extras: All Trucks are equipped with a tail lifter.  Lifts up to 500kg

No Hassle Truck Rentals

Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals guarantees a no hassle rental. We make renting trucks quick and convenient, offering 3-tonne trucks that are easy to reserve online or by giving us a call. Our fleet is regularly serviced, and up to date models, so you have the power and the class in a vehicle that is worth being on the road. Our trucks can be rented for the day, overnight or for a week, making them a great solution as a temporary work truck. We have Hino Trucks.

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3 Tonne Truck Rentals Camperdown

Rent 3-tonne trucks with a standard car license. Features include automatic transmissions and hydraulic lifts, making them great to move most types of cargo. Our fleet includes Hino Trucks that are regularly inspected and maintained so that you have an efficient, performing vehicle that doesn’t let you down.

Daily, Overnight, Weekly, and weekend Rentals

At Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals, we have plans that meet their rental needs. Our affordable rental packages include daily, overnight, weekly and weekend rentals. Contact us today and to get the rental you need.

Packing Material Available

Our customers who rent a truck to move or haul heavy items are offered moving accessories that are designed specifically for moving. We work in partnership with National Storage. You can purchase or rent:

  • Packing boxes & heavy duty tape
  • Picture, mirror and artwork boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Straps and harnesses
  • Ropes
  • Stair climbing trolleys
  • Hand trucks
  • Mattress bags
  • Furniture blankets

Collision Protection & Damage Coverage

Have the protection you require should your rental vehicle be damaged during your rental period. Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals offers our customers affordable collision protection and damage coverage that provides the peace of mind should the rental vehicle be involved in a collision or damage occurs, they are covered.

Reserve Your Truck Today

For a quality 3 tonne Truck rental, contact Camperdown Ute & Truck Rentals.

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