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Returning Utes & Trucks

Returning Your Vehicle

While returning your rented vehicle to St. Mary’s Ute & Truck, rental, we have the following tips for you:

Return Date & Time

When booking a vehicle with St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Hire, renters will receive a confirmation email and rental record that includes the date and time you are required to return your vehicle. For after hour deliveries, please be sure that you have the proper instructions via a customer service rep.


Late Returns

St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals asks our customers to return their vehicles as close as possible to your reserved drop-off time. While grace periods can be offered, we do reserve the right to charge for an extra day rental.


Unattended Returns

For Truck & Ute hires that are returned outside of opening hours, renters have to discuss all options with a St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Hire team member, as well as have approval for an afterhours drop-off time. The responsibility for the vehicle will be the renters until the company opens again and the car is properly checked.


Return Damage Inspection

When vehicles are returned to St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals, a team member will check that vehicles are returned in the same condition as they were when picked up by customers. If any damage has occurred during the rental period, St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals will charge an additional fee, depending on the nature of the damage and the insurance coverage of the renter.


Return Fuel Level Check

When rented vehicles are returned to St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals, a team member will check the level of fuel left in the tank of the vehicle. For vehicles that are not returned with the same level of gas as when they were picked up, we will charge the appropriate amount, depending on the fuel option that was selected when the vehicle was picked up.


Be Prepared for A Quick & Easy Vehicle Rental Return

Be prepared for a quick & easy vehicle rental return by making sure the following is done prior to dropping of the vehicle:

  • Return the Ute or truck with a full tank of gasoline.
  • Clean out the interior of the vehicle, including all personal items and trash from the cab, glove box and cargo area prior to checking in the vehicle.
  • Mary’s Ute & Truck Hire reserves the right for extra charges should a vehicle incur damage during the rental period, a late turn in time, less than a full tank of gas or a dirty vehicle.
  • If you have arranged for an afterhours drop off of the vehicle or to drop off the vehicle on a day that St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals is closed, renters must leave the keys and rental contract in the drop off box. Renters should retain one copy of the rental contract for their records.
  • Utes & trucks that are returned later than the contracted date will result in an addition charge for each additional day. If you require additional days during the rental period, please contact a team member of St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rental to arrange for additional days anda new drop-off date and time.

Preparing your vehicle for drop-off means a quick and convenient drop-off.


For more information on our truck & Ute hire please contact a team member at St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Hire at the number below or contact us through our inquiry form on our web page.

Call 02 8039 6196.