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Our Fleet

At National Ute & Truck Rentals Camperdown aside from top notch customer service you will also find our vehicles are well maintained and clean for your comfort.

Ute Rentals

As part of our fleet we have a number of 1 tonne tray Utes available for hire. These are ideal if you only have a few large items to move or if you have cleaned up your yard and want to dispose of the waste.

They can comfortably seat two people and have a petrol engine with automatic transmission. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 hour time frames if you don’t need the Ute for too long. However, there are also day and overnight rates if you are using it as a replacement vehicle whilst your own Ute is out of action.

our fleet
Consider how much space you require to load up your rubbish when choosing the size of vehicle. Our Utes are ideal for everyone from the DIY enthusiast to a tradesman that requires a Ute to transport tools and heavy equipment. Along with Ute hire you can also hire trolleys to make loading up easier. Enquire about our special deals and rent one of our dependable Utes today.Our vehicles are commonly hired out for house and small office moves. A Ute will get the job done, however, it may require a number of trips. To avoid multiple journeys, save time and fuel you could get the move done in one go with one of our 3 tonne Trucks.

Truck Rentals

Trucks have more room to fit everything in and are fully contained to protect your items during transit.They are equipped with features to make your move stress-free such as the tail lifter to help with the heavy lifting.

It has a maximum capacity of 500kg so you can load your heavy furniture items and appliances with no fuss.

If you hold a valid car license then you can drive our Trucks.

With automatic transmission and power steering, manoeuvring them is easy.

We have the means to offer secure storage premises, packing boxes and materials along with equipment to assist with your move.

Utes & Trucks are easy to drive and as long as you follow the road rules, the move should be hassle-free.

Here are our top tips for a safe drive in our Utes & Trucks:

  • Be aware of overhead obstructions e.g. tree branches
  • Reduce your speed when turning, you may not be used to the weight of the vehicle so it’s best to go too slow than too fast
  • Take it slow in bad weather, roads you aren’t used to or any other potentially dangerous driving conditions
  • Don’t exceed the passenger allowance as it is very dangerous and against the law
  • Plan your route in advance
  • Abide by the road rules as is expected in any vehicle.

For more safe driving tips visit our Safe Driving Tips page. Call 02 8039 6196