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Organizing your move

Moving Tips

With years of experience in the truck hire industry, we can safely say we can offer moving tips that are designed to help ease the strain of a move, as well as to get items safely to their new destination. St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals offers the following moving tips for Residential and Commercial relocations.

Keep Your Move on Schedule

Keeping your move on a schedule will save time and money. Before moving day:

  • Clean out closets, the basement, and the attic as soon as you know your moving day, or as soon as you decide to relocate.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to hire movers. Movers should be scheduled no less than two to four weeks before moving day. Movers should be insured, and be able to provide a copy of their policy. Also, enquire about the type of equipment that is supplied, as they should supply everything from boxes to blankets to hand trucks and more.
  • About a week before moving day, submit your change of address forms.
  • About a week before moving day, Schedule disconnect times for your utilities, phone, and cable. Also arrange to have the utilities, phone, and cable connected at your new home or office about two to four weeks before the move.
  • About a week before the move, cancel newspaper, cable, cleaning help, lawn services and cable.
  • Don’t pack your cleaning supplies until you have done your last cleanup.
  • Defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before the move.
  • Help to reduce moving stress, pack early!


Simple Things That Can Cause Big Problems If Not Done

There are many simple things that can create big problems if not done. St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals offers the following “not to forget to do” tips.

  • Contain hardware to furniture in a labeled box and do not forget to pack it. When disassembling furniture is sure to place the hardware in a baggie or container and label it. Tape the bag to the piece of furniture to ensure everything is in one place when it arrives at your new destination.
  • Before moving large appliances, pull out the owner’s manual for each and read the special instructions. Items like washing machines often require special handling.
  • Remove all art from walls, clean out the medicine cabinet, disconnect electronics, or remove and pack items from the yard.
  • Throw away any and all items that are restricted by the moving company or not allowed to be transported by law. These items include products and materials like bottled gasses, gasoline, flammables, ammunition, and explosives.
  • Prepare an essentials grab bag that includes items you’ll need for the first night into the home. Things like you and your family’s toothbrushes, clothing changes, toilet paper and paper towel, chargers, etc.

Look Forward To A Smooth Moving Day

To look forward to a smooth moving day, be sure to:

  • For families with children, give your children something they are in charge of for the day. However little, they will feel important and be part of the big picture, as well as help them stay out of the way for what the adults need to get done.
  • Have plenty of snacks, beverages and cash on hand for moving day.
  • Protect wood and tile floors with felt pads.


Moving is a chore, but with the right planning and preparation, it is easily achieved with a fraction of the stress. For more information on moving, or to get an affordable quote contact St. Mary’s Ute & Truck Rentals at 02 8039 6196.


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