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Our Story

We are 100% Australians. We are business persons who have been in the same shoes as you are in now. Troubled, panicked and stressed out during relocating. Let’s face it. Shifting is a challenging task. So, what we planned is to provide St Marys with affordable, high quality and the cleanest Utes and Trucks for rental. This happened more than 10 years ago. We came up with St Marys Ute & Truck Rentals.

What motivated us was the struggle one goes through while shifting. Not to forget the ridiculous expenses. Movers do not come cheap. We thought about producing a platform where you can have your own vehicle, pack according to your plan and shift at your own time.

We came up the versatile and spacious Toyota Hilux 1 tonne Utes and considerably sized Hino 3 tonne Trucks.
What is our unique attribute? We are the company who provides the cleanest Utes and Trucks in St Marys.
Money wise, we will spare you the expense.

Oh, we don’t stop there. We also have Packing Materials for an effortless, comfortable relocating.

Our Mission

Deliver top functioning Utes and Trucks for a comfortable, efficient and serviceable relocating.

To strive for the best customer service available in St Marys.

Provide customer friendly rates on all products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become St Marys’ top, cleanest and quality Ute and Truck Rental company.

Unique Features of St Marys Ute & Truck Rentals

  • What stands us apart from our competitors is the quality of Utes and Trucks we provide for rental. We adhere to strict policy about keeping our vehicles clean. We also ensure our Utes and Trucks are well maintained.
  • Our Utes are 2 seaters with capacity of 1 tonne. Open cages ensure maximum loading at one time.
  • Trucks at St Marys Ute & Truck Rentals are 3 seaters with capacity of 3 tonne. Every Truck comes with hydraulic lifter and tail lifter.
  • All our Utes and Trucks are automatic transmission.
  • Power steering enables better control over the vehicles
  • Well air conditioned for a comfortable journey.
  • Our Utes and Trucks are driven using standard car licenses.
  • Easy renting procedures.
  • Early payment using credit cards.
  • Flexible hours, affordable rates, better vehicles.
  • No hidden charges guaranteed!
  • Complete Relocating Answer

    At St Marys Ute & Truck Rentals, we strive to make our services better each day. We are providing the complete answers to all our relocating issues. Besides renting Utes and Trucks from us, you can also purchase Packing Materials.

    We have collaborated with National Storage. From us you can get all sort of Boxes, Cartons, Covers, Wraps, Foams, Papers, Knives, Tapes and so on. Prices do not matter. Because once you are done using the Materials, you can sell them back!

    When Relocating Becomes Effortless, You Can Thank Us

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